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Want a blockbuster fundraiser that can raise  $100+ PER STUDENT?


We help thousands of students every year to reach and exceed their goals!


Need a guarantee?

You've got it!

Higher Profit Guarantee




NO Money Down - Really…you pay nothing! You'll receive complimentary brochures, order forms, large charm and prize posters, daily incentives, live kick-off or a kick-off video and much more at the beginning of your fundraiser. Your group collects the orders and then submits the completed forms, and we do the rest.


Optional 1% Pre-payment Discount - If you submit an estimated payment with your orders, you'll get an extra 1% off your invoice! That’s right, easy money!


Free Teacher Incentive Program - $50 for every teacher with 50% classroom participation. No limit on number of teachers taking advantage of the special!


Home Delivery Option- Although quite rare, there are instances where schools require a home delivery only fundraiser.  Fun Services is one of the few fundraising companies able to effectively handle home delivery.


Bilingual Materials – Bilingual parent letters are available upon request.  We even have a customer service representative as part of the Believe catalog fundraiser that can speak Spanish and is willing to help in any way possible.


Product Guarantee - We know that there is a stigma associated with fundraising products. Our catalog has a product line full of value and quality which means your customers and parents will be happy. That means you look good!  We guarantee all of our products and encourage your customers to contact us directly via our toll-free number.



•  We offer a variety of fundraising catalogs to meet many needs.  From our Magical Holidays collection for the fall to our food for the soul tasty treats catalog that can be run anytime, we have one that will work for you!  Looking for a combination of cookie dough, pizzas, chocolates and gummies, we’ve got you covered with our Sweet & Savory catalog.


•  Spirit Gear- It's true, we will customize an online spirit gear store for your school.  We handle all of the inventory and ship it straight to your customer's home. Did we mention that it's free?  No cost for the site and no minimum spirit gear orders.


•  Awesome Prizes at Reachable Levels - Doesn't an iPod touch or an electric scooter sound awesome? What if students only had to sell 125 items to get one? Compare our prize program with any other fundraising company, we dare you.


•  Daily Incentives - Go Wild for Fundraising! Participation will increase up to 25% by just adding the Go Wild Zoo Animals Daily Incentives to your fundraiser. Students can win from 20 unique wild animals when they sell through the catalog or online. All this adds up to more profit for you and your group!


•  Inside Delivery via UPS  - UPS has been instrumental in delivering shipments in great shape and on time. We trust them with your fundraising order.

So, you will experience first-hand how their customer service fits well with our belief in excellent service and communication.


•  99.993% Accuracy - All orders are barcode scanned and sorted by teacher and student so everything arrives properly packed.


•  Social Media Sharing- Want to reach more people than ever before? Promote your fundraiser on MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter.


•  Supporters Nationwide - Our state of the art shopping website makes it easy for people nationwide to support your fundraiser.


  Plus, with free shipping on orders over $75, you can’t go wrong!





Nothing raises more money easier than a 'Magical Holidays' gift & wrap catalog fundraising Catalog.  A fundraising catalog, as a main fall fundraiser, can raise $5,000 to $100,000 in two short weeks.


A gift and wrap school fundraising catalog is a way to offer a wide number of top-selling products in catalogs including jewelry, holiday items, gift wrap, gift bags and much more. This fall, our fundraising catalog has distinct advantages over other fall fundraising catalogs - go ahead, dare to compare.



The first few weeks following the start of the school year is the time to shine. You will have less competition and generate more interest... meaning you'll raise more money! Seriously, we've done our research, the sooner you get started fundraising, the better.



At Fun Services, we want to make it as easy as possible for your school or group to raise money. That's why our order and delivery system is as simple and efficient as possible.






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